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    Who is Kelli?    


Hi, I am Kelli Lewis and I have worked with many successful small businesses over the last  13 years. Mainly keeping their books up to date, I've also handled back office tasks while providing a full range of virtual accounting services. 

I grew up in South Orange, NJ and still live nearby. I  opened up KelliWorks in 2009 and have been empowering small businesses to grow by taking their anxiety about their books away! My favorite time of year is Tax Season. I always love helping businesses get through the stress and worry that tends to take away the joy one can have with their company.


I am very passionate about small businesses specifically, as I get to ride the wave of excitement with these entrepreneurs, while they expand and grow and express their creativity, passion and talent. I feel honored to be a part of their plans and help them reach their ultimate goals. 

A fun fact about me is that my favorite number is 7 and my favorite memory is walking to school in September on the first day of school. I am a mother to two boys and my most precious moments were when I birthed my sons at home. When I am not working on my clients’ accounts, you can definitely find me in the sun--preferably at a beach with plenty of palm trees.


Our Clients trust us to be upfront, honest and to provide them with the level of respect and privacy they require. Learn more about how we can help with your tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping needs. Make an appointment and take control of your finances!


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