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    Who is KelliWorks?    


For most people, tax season is stressful and time-consuming. For Kelli, however, it is her favorite time of year. Kelli Lewis is the founder of KelliWorks and has over 17 years of experience working in intricate roles within various companies' administration and finance. Kelli & her team have been in business for 13 years and have worked with a wide range of successful small businesses. Mainly keeping their books up to date, they also provide a full range of virtual accounting services as well as access to her personal connections, related or not, to accounting that could help your business.


For Kelli, the most exciting part of her job is helping businesses persevere through the anxiety that tends to distract one from the joys of their company. Over the past 13 years, her desire to work with small businesses has only grown.

Kelli started KelliWorks in 2009 with a goal to offer small businesses exceptional bookkeeping for an affordable price. By offering a flat rate, she hopes to reach as many businesses as she can and provide her services, as no business is too small for KelliWorks. As you can probably tell, she is very passionate about small businesses specifically. Kelli is honored to ride the wave of excitement with these entrepreneurs while they expand and be a part of the process. Kelli and her team are experts in quick books, and able to do the dreaded clean-up for companies exceptionally. She has been able to and will continue to provide small companies with the same access as big corporations to a powerful team.


As KelliWorks begins to expand by opening more offices (Currently in NJ & FL), her goal of remaining affordable will always remain stagnant. As KelliWorks grows, Kelli aims to reach more businesses to help them grow as well. I guess you could say Kelli has two favorite seasons: tax season and summer. When she is not working on her clients’ accounts, you can definitely find Kelli in the sun with her two sons.


Our Clients trust us to be upfront, and honest and to provide them with the level of respect and privacy they require. Learn more about how we can help with your tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping needs. Make an appointment and take control of your finances!


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