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Welcome to KelliWorks Tax Preparation, we're excited to have you here! 

Thank you for the opportunity and trust in us to support you with your tax preparation and filing. We pride ourselves in being able to get you the very best return possible while always in compliance.


We have created an easy and simple streamlined process to organize your tax belongings which prepares us for success. Our goal is to remove the burden of tax season with these easy steps below, which will allow us to seamlessly take over from there!

Tax Organization Steps:

1. Complete the Taxpayer Organizer Form (link below)

  • Follow the prompts here to download the Tax to Go App (or link below).

2. Complete the Tax to Go App

Here you can:

  • upload all tax docs; be sure to include:

    • statements from any investment accounts

    • W-2's

    • 1099's

    • your last year tax return

  • no worries about completing the financial information on the App!

  • Review & Sign your completed return


Some Helpful Notes:

1. Fill all things out the best you can!

2. If there is an area that doesn't apply, simply put a 0 or n/a.


*Please Note – there is a $150 deposit for any outstanding tax returns due. We're here to help along the way, please check in if you need!

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