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If you are looking for a bookkeeper who can help your business with billing, invoicing, and other important tasks, contact the expert bookkeeping team at KelliWorks. We are the state-certified accountants with over 15 years of experience, and we are eager to help you.


Every Business Needs Proper Financial Management Services in Order to Thrive

For any commercial operation to run smoothly, the following must be dealt with on a daily basis:

  • Deposits

  • Vendor Bill Entry

  • Monthly Bill Payments

  • Invoicing Payment Receipts

  • Accounts Payable Processing

What’s more, they should only be handled by certified accountants who understand the complexities of managing a business. That’s where we come in. If you would like to learn more about our bookkeeping and financial services, call us today. We are always ready to take your call.

We Offer Free Consultations for Our Invoicing Services

From our complimentary consultations to our on-call support services, you save money with us at every turn.

During your first consultation we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make the decision to work with us, and we’ll immediately get started on assessing your company’s financial situation!

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The Bookkeeper You Can Count On

A passion for helping small businesses is what has kept us at the forefront of our field for over 13 years. We’ve worked with small businesses, non-profits on shoestring budgets, and large multi-tiered companies. Whether you’re looking for someone who can manage your payroll or prepare your taxes, we are the team for you.

An Overview of Our Comprehensive Bookkeeping Packages

We offer a variety of monthly plans to ensure you get exactly what you need—nothing more, and nothing less. With our Totally Works package, we provide client invoicing, payroll services, tax prep, and weekly support services.

Our Accounting Firm Will Handle Your Invoices, Manage Your Payroll, and More

It goes without saying that you’ll be able to count on us to generate invoices as needed. But that’s not all we’ll do for you. As licensed CPA’s, we are capable of generating quarterly income statements, reconciling bank accounts, handling your company payroll, and more.

Our goal is to make your business run as smoothly as possible. Whatever financial services you need, you can count on us.

An Accountant Saves You Money in the Long Run

When you have a clear picture of your finances and all your outstanding debts are in full view, you will always know exactly how much or

how little you should be spending. You will be able to make decisions about your finances without resorting to estimations or incomplete guesswork.

When your finances are in order, you portray a sense of professionalism many business owners and individuals lack. Investors, colleagues, and future financial partners will feel comfortable working with you.

Call Us Today to Learn More About Our Invoicing Services

We are sure you have a lot of questions about what we can do for you. To speak to a representative, call us at (201) 308-3128. Let us help you stay on the path of financial prosperity.

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